Disruptive Behavior in Classroom

Disruptive Behaviors in the Classroom
Spetember 28, 2013
EDU 526
Professor Clark
Behavior is defined as a way a person acts or behaves, or anything that’s involves actions or responses to stimulations. Disruptive behavior can be defined as aggressive behavior, defiant behavior, social disruption and emotional disturbance (Aiger, 2013). There can be several issues that can make a child have bad behavior or disruptive behaviors and as teachers we can try to calm the child down to try to see what the root of the problem is and possibly get them some help.
Disruptive behavior that can happen in class is the Children’s are talking excessively while the teacher is trying to teach the lesson. The problem that I see with the students talking why the teacher is teaching is that it becomes a distraction to everyone in the classroom. And all we can do as the instructors is to have the child removed from the class so that the lesson can go forth with the rest of the students. Talking can be one of the biggest disruption and distraction to all classes rather it’s early elementary all the way up to college courses. As early elementary teachers we have to learn how to teach our students that it is important to talk when necessary and then it’s also important to listen when it is necessary
Another behavior problem or disruption to the class is a child that has aggressive behavior. Aggressive behavior is defined as a reactionary and impulsive behavior that often results and breaking rules or laws aggressive behavior is violent and unpredictable (Answers, nd). Aggressive behaviors with children can be intentional or unintentional so I think as the teacher we need to be able to separate the two I figure out if the students acting out intentionally or unintentionally. The best way to deal with students with aggressive behavior is to be able to sit down and communicate to them and they understand what they are doing and the punishment for what they…


Robot will not ever take over the human race
When economic times are good in the future, will machine intelligence outstrip human intelligence? If they will, should we be scared by advances in machine intelligence ? Robots produce more accurate and high quality ,robots save workers from performing dangerous tasks, on the other hand. they just do not have human innovation and intelligence. They are just machines for following direction and they are only as good or bad as their creator. In “Lets You Train Your Phone Like a Dog” and “Obsolete Humans ? Why Elites Want You to Fear the Robot” there are numerous situations described robots can not replace the human race.
It is impossible to take over the human race,Even though they are advantaged over us (They are living longer ,stronger and smarter) but they still have defects. In “Lets You train Your Phone Like a Dog” By Marty Biancuzzo . He speaks on three main points .He state they demonstrated the chaos and destruction that can ensue when they malfunction or turn evil. So, made a set of rules for robots. A robot may not injure a human being or ,through inaction , allow a human to come to harm.how ? Well, robots had “brain-like” components that helped them understand these rules.the second point speaks a robot must obey orders given to it by humans,except where such orders would conflict with the first law. Human still can keep in control of the robots so, they wouldn’t,wouldn’t and couldn’t go against us.the third point speaks a robot must protect its own existence, as long as it doesn’t conflict with the First or Second laws. Artificial intelligence always work under fixed parameter .they can not think work on their own. So they rely on us for their existence .
In “Obsolete Humans? Why Elites Want You to Fear the Robot” there are lists example to prove robots can not replace the human race. Such as Karl Marx looked at Engels ‘work and concluded automation was decreasing the power of works. Japan is…

BIS375 WK1

E-Business Evolution
University of Phoenix
E-Business Evolution
In today’s business society, e-business has become a vital part of just about every major business in today’s world of technology. Many people overlook how e-business has change the way businesses operate business and the importance of its role in business. The fact is e-business can make or break a business. In the past several years e-business has exploded in the business world (Vitez, 2010b). Companies are forced to implement technology to create a competitive advantage in today’s business environment (Vitez, 2010).The Evolution of E-Business
E-Business may have come on the business scene as a fad that many thought would fade away but that has not been the case. Society has embraced the internet and new technologies as a whole and companies have been all but forced to provide the e-business experience to keep up with their competitors. E-Business has proven to save businesses time, increases their efficiency, and given them a gateway to reach a broader audience without have to spend a great deal of money. E-Businesses role in the business sector certainly is of a great importance, it enables businesses to spend more time planning, and to develop strategies, which lead to profit because it reduces the amount of time needed to perform daily business activities. (Rampur, 2011). E-Business has many positives but there are negative impacts in some instances. The positive impacts are obvious, which include the faster operations, the ability to perform multiple tasks with fewer employees, and better communication and availability to the consumer base. E-Business has even change the way companies market and advertise. Companies can send messages or stream content directly to multiple consumers’ computer or personal computing device simultaneously (Vitez, 2010). This is cheaper than using old fashion methods for advertising. The negative is that business…

Lab 3 Bio 100

BIO 101 LAB 3
1. What type of microscope would be used in the laboratory to observe very small objects or organisms on a slide? Please give reasoning behind the answer. Which microscope would be useful when studying the internal structure of a minute specimen? (2 points)–Answer below:
a) A compound microscope because it is able to magnify 1000X and has a powerful light source that shines on the specimen and that allows us to see the specimens using the magnified lenses with our naked eye.
b) A transmission electron microscope would be useful when studying the internal structure of a specimen.
2. List two jobs where microscopes are used. Describe in what capacity. (2 points) –Answer below:
a) A pathologist uses a microscope to observe the skin for diseased tissues and look for the underlying cause for the disease. They need the microscope so they can examine the small blood and skin samples to determine what kind of infection and figure out how to treat it.
b) A cytologist uses a microscope to study cells and looks for abnormalities like infections, cancerous growth, or tumors. They need to use the microscope to be able to see the cells and detect the tiny changes in the cell.3. Why is special paper used to clean the lenses of a microscope? (1 point)–Answer below:
The lens paper is soft, compared to using another surface. By using a cloth or a paper towel they could contain tiny fibers, causing the lens to scratch. Also particles of the paper towel or cloth could be left on the microscope causing it to remain dirty or for you to have an inaccurate view of the specimen. 4. What type of microscope has primarily been used in this lab? (1 point)–Answer below:
A compound microscope was primarily used in our lab. 5. State the function of the following parts of the microscope: (3 points) A. iris diaphragm B. ocular lens C. condenser –Answer below:
a) Iris Diaphragm: It regulates the amount of light that shines on the specimen you are…

Dr Faustus

A tragedy is the story of the downfall of a basically good and noble individual who tempts fate due to flaw in character or an error in judgment, thus bringing upon himself/herself, extraordinary amount of sorrow and suffering. Dr Faustus fit in this definition of tragedy because of the following examples: major in Philosophy, Medicine, Law, and Theology; greedy, wants black magic to rule over the world; sell his soul to Mephistopheles; and dies at the end.
Dr Faustus is very intelligent man. He has studied in different field which includes Philosophy, Medicine, Law, and Theology. His interest in study was lot more than any person during his time. In Medicine, Dr Faustus studied cure to various problems that humans during his time had; he worried about human kind that people are dying because there is no cure for death. In Law, Dr Faustus studied laws and how justice is given. He found that justice isn’t always just, so he started studying Theology because he didn’t like the fact Justice isn’t always just. This proves that Dr Faustus cares for human kind, so therefore he is a good and noble person.
Even though Dr Faustus very intelligent man who studied Philosophy, Medicine, Law, and Theology, he still want to learn more about black magic. Dr Faustus calls Mephistopheles from hell; he asks him to teach him black magic and serve him as his master. He learns black magic to be the king of the world. Dr Faustus shows his greediness by learning more than what heavenly permits.
In order for Mephistopheles to become Dr Faustus’ servant, Dr Faustus had to sell his soul. Dr Faustus asked Mephistopheles to become his servant, but Mephistopheles said that he will be his servant only if Dr Faustus writes a contract with his own blood. Dr Faustus asked many questions before writing the contract. Dr Faustus agrees to write a contract with his own blood, and this is how he made an error in his judgment.
Due to the agreement between…

cause and effect of technology

Essentially technology is a powerful tool. It can be put to use to make our work easier, more efficient, and perhaps even more enjoyable. But when it is not properly controlled, it can become a force with devastating, harmful and even fatal consequences
Furthermore, there is no question that the automobile has brought many advantages and benefits to society in general. Though it has advantages, it has harmful side effects, like air pollution, injuries, and deaths due to accidents because of careless driving. This technological innovation is at best a mixed blessing. But the effect of technology goes much further than that. So insidious has technology become in our modern world that it is changing not only the way we work and live but also our values, our view of ourselves and of society as a whole.
Without doubt, most people living today have benefited from the advancement of science and technology. In developed and developing nations alike, technology has brought numerous material advantages in nearly every aspect of life. First and foremost, the use of machines, fertilizers, pesticides, and improved seeds has increased the food supply and nutrition for much of the world’s population. Advancements in medical science have resulted in better health and a longer lifespan for many. The automobile and the airplane, along with developments in electronics, computers, and satellites, have made it possible for people to travel and to communicate with others around the world with relative ease. On a more personal level, technology has eliminated much of the hard labor both at work and at home.
Technology’s impact on work and employment has been an debatable topic since the beginning. The fear has always been that new machines would put people out of work. According to HistoryMesh, early in the Industrial Revolution, textile workers in Nottingham, England, felt so threatened that, led by a Ned Ludd, they destroyed hundreds of the newly introduced machines…

Strategic Initiative

Strategic Initative PaperFin 370
3/9/2015Strategic Initiative Paper
A company that leads in its own industry with price, quality, reliability, warranty, availability of financing, and quality is Harley-Davidson. Strategic planning and financial planning are two tasks that help a company’s performance grow. Strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its direction and making the right decisions finding its resources to pursue its strategy. The plan can include human resources, company capital, and property. Financial planning is the goal for structure in the company’s capital. In this paper the strategic planning and financial planning will be discussed for Harley-Davidson.
Harley-Davidson is an innovating company that strives to continue growing their numbers through parts, accessories, manufacturing, general merchandise, licensing and other merchandise.
Ethical concerns
Harley Davidson has to balance best practices with a focus on developing the most efficient, attentive operations that result in the highest quality of their product and to do so with the lowest corporate risk. An investment in any company involves risk. Investing in Harley Davidson has similar concerns and these types of risk factors need to be considered carefully before deciding whether to invest in the company. A primary concern for any consumer is that there is no assurance that Harley Davidson will be able to drive growth to the extent desired through its focus of efforts on its long-term business strategy and the Harley-Davidson brand or to enhance productivity and profitability to the extent desired through pricing and continuous improvement (United States Securities And Exchange Commission, Harley Davidson, 2014). Harley Davidson depends on the capability of its independent dealers and distributors to develop and implement effective retail sales plans to create demand among retail purchasers for the motorcycles and products. If Harley…

Bridge to wisemans cove

Chapters 1-11Kerry. Chapter 1.In this chapter we are introduced to the Matt family. 3 kids, Sarah 19, Carl 15 and Harley 9. Their mother is Kerry. She been married 3 times and each child has a different father.Kerry did not handle things well and would disappear sometimes for days on end, the kids called it “Mums holiday”. Carl is described as very big and overweight He is self conscience about this.Harley is out on his bike all the time. Kerry disappears again. Sarah looked after her 2 younger brothers and worked in a travel agency.Sarah. Chapter 2.Kerry has been gone for 2 months. Sarah is selling all the furniture in the house. Carl knows something is wrong when Sarah announces that she is going overseas for a holiday. Said she had it planned since before Kerry left. She said that they would be staying with “Aunt Beryl”. Beryl lives at the beach so Harley loves the idea.Carl overhears Sarah on the Phone to Beryl that night at first begging her to take the boys and later insisting, she said it’s only for a few weeks. “I will put them on a bus whether your there to meet them or not.Sarah packs their clothes and puts them on the bus. She gives Carl a large sum of money. Carl knew it was the boys share of what Sarah made when she sold everything she is quite upset after the bus leaves and keeps saying “I’m only 19.Aunt Beryl Chapter 3.The boys arrived at Wattle Beach but Aunt Beryl was not there to meet them. Carl knew where Beryl lived and managed to get their bags to the house. Harley took off to explore the beach. Beryl arrived later in the afternoon in a tow truck.Driven by a man (Bruce) the truck had “Wattle beach 4 wheel drive recovery” printed on its side”. Beryl remarked about how many clothes they had brought. Carl hoped she would not suspect. She showed them their room. No beds just mattresses on the floor. They had tinned spaghetti on toast for dinner. Beryl asked about her sister Kerry and remarked that this… More: https://ranktopten.com/

Business Model

Business Models and Systems
Oanh Nguyen
January 22, 2015
Michael Ruggieri
Business Models and Systems
A local business that I tend to use that is organized is a local hair salon that I have used for the past two years. All the hair stylists there are very professional and friendly. The business is very successful, and I find it because they base it off the three main components of occupation, commerce, and organizations.
Their apparent occupation is haircut, color, and styling, but that is not all they do. Their commerce is where they help offer tips and suggestions that help you feel good when leaving the salon. The stylists are constantly continuing their knowledge with keeping up with the latest techniques and trends. The business is based in fun and comfortable environment. There is no tension amongst the employees, and they all help each other out with clientele. There is not many salons that you can walk in and have a comfortable environment and know that all the employees work together to reach the same goal of making sure all the clients leave happy and satisfied. The business is also very organized on who is in control and running the salon, but at the same time, it is not a too demanding authority role amongst the employees.
I find that when a business has a strong system created, it makes the business very successful and knowing that they do not have to worry about losing customers or clients. This is why with their system, they are constantly having new customers being refer by word of mouth, which is probably the best way for a business to grow.

acer case study globalize

Acer Case Study 
 Group member: 
Haoyu Chen 
Ramandeep Panesar loser 
Xiao Bao 
Ye Tian  
Acer  was   founded  in  1976,  the  Acer  Group  is  a   Taiwan­based  multinational  company  that 
produces  PCs,  laptops,  and  computer  components  around  the  world.  Initially,  it  did  not  sell 
any  of  the  products it is currently famous for. It was merely a distributor of  electronic parts, but 
over  time  emerged  as a  global  PC  manufacturer.  Under  the  guidance  of  Chairman  and CEO 
Stan  Shih,  Acer  reached  great  success  in  terms  of  both  global  market  dominance and  profit, 
Acer was  the market leader in 13 countries around the world, and was ranked in the top five in 
more than 30 nations globally.  
In  the  early  2000s,  Acer  implemented  a  new  business  model,  shifting  from a manufacturer to 
a  designer,  marketer  and  distributor  of  products,  while   performing  production  processes via 
contract  manufacturers.  In  addition  to its core business,  Acer also owns the largest franchised 
computer   retail  chain  in  Taipei,  Taiwan.  Aiming  to  expanding  market  share  to other  parts  of 
the  world,  Acer  intends  to  establish  new  manufacturing  operation  site  on  the  Chinese 
Acer’s core competencies in manufacturing: 
The  Acer’s  core  competencies  in  manufacturing  are  from  organization structure, “local touch” 
and  global  manufacturing.  Those  three  aspects  make   Acer  manufacturing  become  more 
simplified and efficient. 
First  of  all,  each  Acer  Group  member  company operated independently and working together 
to   make  full  use   of  resources.  They  called  decentralization  with  a  centralized  core  for  this 
organization.  This  organization  considered  their   strategic  advantage  and  delegated 
responsibility  to  employees  while  it  makes  their …