I chose to talk about vaccinations even though I know that will more than likely be the most talked about in the forum discussion. Up until a few years ago, I never even knew that there was a choice. I was vaccinated and my son is also vaccinated. A close friend of mine chooses not to vaccinate her children and this was the first time I had ever known that kids don’t have to be. There are several reasons that they don’t but the main reason is the chemicals and toxins that are in the vaccinations that may or may not cause autism and other impairments. She is in groups on Facebook where people have shared personal stories where this has actually happened. Some of the chemicals in question are formaldehyde and mercury. My son is nearly 6 and I trusted my doctor when he was young so I don’t even question that any further vaccinations will harm him. My friend has a new baby that is 6 weeks old and they have not chosen if they will delay vaccinations or not do any at all. Their first child only had the first years’ worth and they plan to homeschool so there won’t be a questioned if they decide to not vaccinate. I didn’t know that children don’t have to be vaccinated to go to school, there is a waiver that can be signed in some states and Louisiana is one of them. They don’t feel the need to defend their decisions like some people do, they keep it private but if asked, they are able to completely explain their reasoning. I personally would probably still trust my doctor and vaccinate if I were to have another one.

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