Two combustion ways of biomass fired boiler

Two combustion ways of biomass fired boiler
The combustion of biomass fired boilers can be divided into two types:chain grate combustion and circulating fluidized bed combustion,due to the special nature of biomass fuel and combustion process itself,the design and operation mode of biomass fired boiler should be chose based on the combustion characteristics of different types of biomass to ensure the economy and reliability of the boiler.
Biomass chain grate boiler
The biomass chain grate boiler is developed according to the characteristics of biomass fuel,compared withe the biomass CFB boiler,it has the advantages such as simple structure,convenient operation,relatively low investment and operation cost.
Biomass circulating fluidized bed boiler
The boiler has good adaptability biomass fuel,the disturbance of working fluid in bed is violent,the heat transfer and mass transfer condition is very superior,which is advantageous to the mixing of high temperature flue gas,air and fuel, for the high moisture,provides the excellent fire conditions for low calorific value of biomass fuels,at the same,due to the the longer time that the the fuel stays in bed,the complete combustion of biomass fuel can be ensured,thus improving the combustion efficiency of the biomass boiler.
Therefore,it can be seen from the above analysis,the biomass fired boilers of different combustion ways has different combustion efficiency.ZG biomass fired boilers have larger furnace space and reasonable secondary air arrangement compared with the traditional boilers, but arranged very reasonable secondary air,which is conducive to the full combustion of biomass fuel.Pleasure feel free to contact us for more details! biomass fired boilers from ZG use Bagasse, mustard stalk, cotton stalk, rice husk, coffee grounds, de-oiled bran, wood chips, roasted chaff, lignite, washery rejects, paper sludge, coal to…

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