Personal Leadersip Style

Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
Personal Leadership Style 3
Seven Habits Evaluation Reflection 3
Emotional Bank Account 3
Life Balance 4
Be Proactive 4
Begin with the End in Mind 5
Seek to Understand 5
Synergize 5
Sharpen the Saw 6
Leadership Practices Evaluation 6
Strengths 7
Weaknesses 7
Recommendations 7
References 11
Attachment 12
Personal Leadership Style
Why is it important for individuals to evaluate and understand their personal leadership style? Evaluating and understanding one’s personal leadership style is important in order to grow and improve as a leader. Everyone has a leadership style, regardless of whether or not they are in a management, director, or officer role. This paper will evaluate my personal leadership style by completing a leadership evaluation using the “Seven Habits Profile” (see Attachment 1). I will evaluate my leadership practice using the authentic leadership style and identifying three strengths, and three weaknesses. I will then identify success in managing organizations and leading people in the future. I will then create two SMART goals that will help me improve my leadership practice.
Seven Habits Evaluation Reflection
Before I can evaluate my leadership style I first needed to complete the “Seven Habits Profile”. Then I will use the results to identify my strengths, weaknesses, recommendations for improvement, and create goals.
Emotional Bank Account
My fundamental leadership skills are strong. I have almost mastered my “Emotional Bank Account”. This means that I am a people- person. I listen and empathize with people, and always treat others with kindness and respect. I keep commitments and always deliver on my promises. The third statement in the first category stated “I do not speak negatively of others when they are not present”, and I responded “4-Good”. The reason I could not score myself higher on this is because when reviewing members of the team…

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