Organizational development in educational context

Organization Development in Educational Context
EDUC 8117: Organization Development in EducationRichard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership
Program: Ph.D. in Education
Specialization: General
Walden University
February 8, 2015Context
Fine Arts National Association (FANA) is a service organization offering the supply of instruction in arts education to academic professionals both virtually and in live time. It is urban situated in the United States allowing for connections with outreach to schools of public and private situations. Teachers can participate in individualized professional development or their school can partake in services for the betterment of the district outcome and improvement of student achievement. As part of this course project, a proposal of organizational development would create a series for promotion to public school institutions for the development of arts integration into a general education classroom. This series of professional development opportunities would supply each classroom and instructor the supplies and resources to implement the organizational development theory into practice in the classroom with students.
FANA has been in existence for 25 years primarily supplying extra fine art supplements to educators. This series would specifically address integration of the fine arts; visual art, media art, music, theatre, dance, etc., as it would become an experiential activity to accentuate the lesson being taught within varied contents such as math, ELA, social studies, science, etc. There is a board of directors at FANA with concentrations on individualized departments of the organization.
In this project the organizational development practitioner will work with a panel of professionals to develop a series of classes to instructors. These classes will be informative with examples and written explanations of each instructional process. Suggestions will be supplied for…

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