NT1210 Midterm Study GUide

NT1210 Midterm Study Guide
1. Approximately how many bytes are in a kilobyte (KB)a. 1 hundred (100)
b. 1 thousand (1000)
c. 1 million (1000000)
d. 1 billion (1000000000)2. In the Graphic below, where the capacitors indicate individual bits in RAM, how will the computer interpret the indicated capacitor
a. As a 1 (one)
b. As a 0 (zero)
c. Not readable
d. Does not apply3. Convert this binary number to decimal: 00101011
a. 43
b. 44
c. 48
d. 554. On the drive graphic, what part of the drive is being pointed toa. Sector
b. File
c. Cluster
d. Track5. A single hexadecimal is equivalent to _____ binary digitsa. 2
b. 4
c. 8
d. 166. How are voice communications converted to digital signalsa. They are broken into very small samples and then binary values are assigned to them
b. They are converted into an analog frequency from a digital signal then transmitted
c. They are sent directly as a digital signal; there is no conversion needed
d. They are converted to a cellular format. Assigned a binary value, and then transmitted7. What does compression do to video fiea. It takes a standard video and stores it in an encrypted format
b. It takes an encrypted video file and formats it to a standard file
c. It takes a compressed video file and enlarges it to standard size
d. It takes a standard video and stores it as a smaller video file8. In this sample Web address, which part identifies the protocol being usedhttp://www.example.com/page2
a. Example.com
b. Page2
c. http
d. ://9. What does the Internet core comprisea. One large controlling network and several small ones
b. One very large controlling network
c. A set protocols, but no actual pieces of hardware
d. Many separate networks, some small and some large10. Which of the following is designed to specifically manage computer peripheral devicesa. Operating system
b. Device drivers
c. Modem software
d. Parallel cabling…

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