2013SEP ENC-101-GS
Thomas Edison State CollegeWritten Assignment # 1
Submitted on: 8 September 2013Mentor: Lorraine GassAssignment: Rhetorical Heritage, Modern ApplicationsRhetorical Heritage, Modern ApplicationsTo better understand why a study of rhetoric and rhetorical canon is useful to me, it is necessary to understand my background. The use of written and oral communication is an integral part in my profession, the use of words and the way they come together to influence and persuade a target audience can make the difference to the mission’s success. I’m in constant communication with peers, supervisor and international counterparts; this constant interaction requires proper verbal and written skills. The majority of the time emails are the prefer way of passing information typically focused on a process or reports.
As a noncommissioned officer (NCO), I want to appear knowledgeable, approachable and confident; therefore rhetoric and rhetorical canon are extremely valuable studies that help me achieve the intended audience more efficiently, utilizing the various delivery methods email, text, phone calls or face to face communication. The more I understand and use these strategies the easier it is to express my ideas and become a better writer and communicator. Using the rhetorical canons; invention, arrangement, style, memory and delivery will help me in my day- to- day interactions, bringing a more professional appeal to my writings and will help achieve my goals in a more efficient matter.
The way the Army taught me to write is to be quick and to the point, but after reading the first chapter of “A Writers Repertoire” I came to the realization that they are better ways to lay out my emails, and reports and make them more appealing to my target audience. By applying rhetoric and…

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