Is being famous always good?”
“It’s all make believe, isn’t it?”
-Marilyn Monroe-
In reality, being famous may not always be positive. There are the downsides to it as well. For instance, famous people and celebrities have to constantly endure the pressure of upholding a perfect image. Just one mistake could mean a downfall to their career. Take Michael Phelps for example. The young man who set Olympics swimming records with eight gold medals in Beijing may feel his reputation a little tarnished after some embarrassing photos showed up in a British tabloid. Always under the watchful eyes and lenses of reporters and paparazzi, being famous is definitely not a breeze.
To add on, with press intrusion, one’s privacy is taken away forever. The desire to lead a normal life is gone as well. From every kilo you add on or put off to the guy you were hanging out with at a premier last night gets noted by the press. Paparazzi snaps pictures of celebrities who do not have model like bodies or “size zero” figures and start speculating about it. Many a times, journalists write lengthy columns of gossip and rumours without knowing the real truth. Even the way one dresses gets judged harshly. Thus the amount of stress poured over celebrities is tremendous and definitely extremely hard to control. This usually results in many turning towards drugs and alcohol to take away the stress they are unable to overcome. Some may even experience fatigue as they have trouble balancing their work and life.
The dream of being famous has always been one of the most enduring dreams in the world. Reality shows such as “American Idol” are well-liked simply because they have the power to elevate the normal to fame. Talented adults, young and old, audition for the show by attending a public try-out at which they receive blunt and publicized criticism. However, when one receives acclaim on the show, he or she goes on to become the number one artists on the Billboard chart with…

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