Can you ever really bury the Legacy

Jackelyn Reyes
Mrs. Shakley
English 12 CP
March 5 2015
Can you ever really bury the Legacy The article “Time to Bury the Legacy” written by Robert Dekoven thoroughly explains from his perspective the situation on exactly why some students with much better grades get rejected into a university compared to those with legacy. More than 56 percent of student’s admitted were children of alumni, with 23 percent of these students actually enrolled at the University themselves. He states that legacies don’t have to meet much higher rather that other students, those who actually work for their acceptance.
It’s not equal or fair to all the students who apply and work hard to get the grades they have, Robert states. Legacy shouldn’t determine if you’ve worked hard to get in. Legacy is ought to be buried.
Robert Dekoven begins his short summary by stating how much the court should review how college admissions treat not just the disadvantaged, but also the advantage, a group that public and private college officials have long recruited and favored over the less affluent. The information he states is what gets you thinking not just from your perspective but beyond that and what if. As when it is stated that many parents and students are not aware that many students on college campuses today are not there based entirely upon merit but because a parent attended the university, or the family contributed money in the past or made a pledge to the school. As Robert states, legacy shouldn’t buy ones opportunity in starting their career. One must work hard and earn their position into a university.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it is no way in shape or form equal for universities to defend the legacy practice just because it builds school loyalty and generates alumni contributions. But then again, nothing in the world can go the way you wish or can be equal. George W. Bush, with a C average from high school, himself got accepted into Yale because…

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