young people revolution

I think we’ve finally reached a point where there is no argument (if you don’t want to do it that’s cool, but arguing, that’s just crazy @ this point). I mean, over 50 normal college kids hitting a level where they are earning at least $100,000 a year.. in 2013. Dozens at $250,000, several at $500,000 & multiple at $1,000,000+. Oh.. & the “buy in” is you order $500 or $150 worth of premium nutritional products, FREE app & website. We’re the official energy drink of the Phoenix Suns, and endorsed by Chris & Heidi Powell. We did over $220,000,000 in sales last year, up from $116,000,000. Our CEO is the nicest, most innovative man on the planet, I’d follow him into a fire, who has 6 kids under 6, owns the entire company with his sisters, no intention of “selling out”.. Well, ever. We now have a product for everyone & launching READY to drink coffee & protein shakes, & NONE of our leaders leave.. Hmm wonder why. Holy shit right? Student loan debt is the #1 debt in America, 90% of all my friends parents are still working, 3% of America own 97% of all the money. Kids are graduating college working unpaid internships, in the service industry, or taking more loans out to go to grad school, to get a “better” job. The educational system kills everyone’s creativity… OH & almost everyone you know who’s a millionaire is an athlete, movie star, rapper, or OWNS their OWN business. WE are the most socially connected generation to ever walk planet earth, living in the worst economy since the Great Depression, marketing products EVERYONE already spends money on. This status will get “likes” it’ll get “shares” & there will also be negative comments about my opinions. & frankly I don’t care. Because, it’s the truth. Never be afraid to stand behind & believe in the truth. Also, any leader(s) that ever sparked change, did something great for humanity, maybe even created a REVOLUTION, they didn’t seem to “care” about others opinions either. Here’s to everyone…

Fine Dining Business Plan

The Blue Lagoon
Executive Summary
The Blue Lagoon is a fine dining restaurant with an inside seating of 130 people and an outside patio that seats 50. Inside there are two areas that can be sectioned off to have private parties. The restaurant will be open seven days a week, offering special theme nights to attract new customers. The decor will create a coz atmosphere with warm colors, fresh flowers, soft music, candles, and artwork. Service will be relaxed, friendly, and correct. We will only hire the best people available, and give complete training, motivating, and encouragement. Most important to us is our financial success and we believe this will be achieved by offering high quality service with excellent food. We have a financial plan all set up with room to adjust if need be.
The Blue Lagoon is a fine dining restaurant. It incorporates a great experience with excellent food, wine, and service. This organization will treat you to your every desire. We serve an abundant of food including steaks, burgers, to the finest under the sea. We pride ourselves on our food; being the best of quality, and being served within minutes of being made ensuring only the freshest of food. This business is going to offer guests the highest level of quality customer service while ensuring an excellent dining experience.
Mission Statement
We strive to give the distinction in food, wine, and service. We will uphold the highest standards in food quality, customer service, and staff policies. We will maintain a responsibly to ensure a clean and safe place for guests and employees.
Vision Statement
With a shared commitment of excellence, we are truly dedicated to the quality of our food, service, and profits, while taking extreme care of our guests and staff. We will continue to surpass our goals creating an entertaining night out.
Nature of the Business Opportunity
This business is going to have four key elements for creating the…


Joesph A Longobardo was born May 24, 1974 in Amsterdam NY. In 1992, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. After completing boot camp and advanced training, he was assigned to Embassy Duty providing high level personal protection to dignitaries at various posts including Pakistan and Uruguay. His decorations and awards included the National Defense Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Navy-Marine Corps Overseas Service Ribbon, Rifle Expert Badge, Pistol Expert Badge, and numerous letters of appreciation and meritorious mast. He was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps as a Sergeant in January of 1997. Joe was currently serving with the 109th Airlift Wing as a Master Sergeant in the Security Forces Squadron at Stratton Air Force Base in Scotia. While serving, he participated in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Noble Eagle. He was also a member of the U.S. Air Force Security Forces Phoenix Raven, a unit that responds to critical incidents worldwide. Trooper Longobardo entered the New York State Police Academy on November 2, 1998. Although his first year was spent in Troop K at Dover Plains, most of his time with the State Police was spent in Troop G, assigned to the Fonda barracks on Route 5S in Fultonville. During his 8-year career, Joe received numerous commendations for his investigations and arrests. He was awarded the Troop G Zone 3 Trooper of the Year Award for 2004. He also was a Field Training Officer for probationary troopers who had just graduated from the State Police Academy as well as a Defensive Tactics Instructor for recruits in the academy. Although he wore many different hats that kept him out of the station and off the road on a regular basis, he generally led his fellow troopers in arrests–DWI, drugs, misdemeanors and felonies. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Joe was recalled to active duty in the New York Air National Guard for approximately a year and a half, once again filling in wherever needed. In…


Chapter 7: Summary-Response Essay
Copyright © 2011The Summary-Response Essay has two parts: the Summary and the Response. The two parts should not be mixed as they have very different goals. They are based on summarizing, and then responding to, an essay, a story, an article, or a book you have read. We’ll cover both the Summary and the Response in this chapter – first, the Summary.
Section 1. The SummaryIn a Summary, you briefly retell or summarize the essay or story you have read in your own words. A Summary focuses more on the main events of the story or the main ideas of the essay than on every detail. The main events or ideas provide support for the Thesis Statement of the essay or story, as is true of all types of essays we cover in this text. Here’s the key point: without understanding the Thesis and Main Support Points of the essay or story, you cannot write an effective Summary. Here’s another important point: a Summary must not include your own opinions; your job is to objectively summarize the author’s essay or story and nothing else. It helps when you’re writing a Summary to pretend you are telling what happened in the story or the ideas in an essay to a friend who has not read the essay. Your friend does not need to know every detail; she just needs a broad understanding of the important events of the story, or the important ideas of the essay. Here are the steps you can follow to write an effective Summary:1. Read the essay or chapter in the college text once through carefully. Your goal is to get a general idea of what the reading is about.2. Use a marker! Read the essay or chapter a second time while completing the following:
a Underline or highlight key passages in the reading.
b Circle the key terms and put the definitions in the margin.
c Put an exclamation point (!) in the margin next to especially important sentences or terms. Briefly explain your reason for the exclamation point in the margin.
d Write…

same sex

Same-sex married
Same-sex marriage is two of the same genders getting married. Why ban LGB (lesbian, gay, bisexual) from getting married? People get married almost every day but when two of the same genders get married it’s a crime.
Why is it so hard for people to accept gay or bisexual people? It will lead to other crazy behavior. People may even wish to marry their pets because a dog has legal standing and can sign a marriage contract. (
While non-LGB students struggle with school, class, exam, and work. Their peers say that the biggest problem they face is when there not accepted like everyone else. LGB people feel that they can’t go in public or with their spouse because they don’t want to be judged.
In conclusion same-sex people shouldn’t be judged based on what they do. People treat them like it’s not okay to love who you are or what you like they make life for LGB a little harder than it should be.
There are 35 states that have legalized same-sex marriage; 15 states still have same-sex banned. People who are gay should be treated like the normal people they are. (
LGB people will not harm anyone there just like normal people who fall in love but the only difference is they get judge for who they love. I know a few LGB people and they just like normal people they do stuff normal people do.
Therefore, I feel like gay people should get married and just be accepted for who they are and what they like.
Others say that gay people shouldn’t get married because it wrong. Gay marriage will encourage people to be gay, in the same way that hanging around tall people will make you look tall. (
They are wrong because same-sex people are supposed to be treated as equal as normal people who like opposite sex. LGB people get bullied almost every day because people think it’s wrong for…

ZnO Thin Films

1. Background of the project :
Zinc Oxide (ZnO) is one of the popular materials that were used in the semiconductor area. It is a promising material because its excellent optical properties, such as high transparency in visible and near infrared spectral region, has a wide band gap of 3.37 eV at room temperature and has a large exciton bonding energy of 60 meV. The electrical, optoelectronic and photochemical properties of undoped ZnO have resulted in its use for solar cells [2], transparent electrodes and blue/UV light emitting devices [3]. ZnO is a unique material that exhibits both semiconducting and piezoelectric properties.
There are many techniques used to deposit ZnO thin films whether by chemical or physical deposition. The technique used for this project is RF sputtering, one of the physical deposition techniques. In order to achieve good deposition, many conditions need to be considered and parameters that need to be controlled to achieve a good growth of ZnO thin film.2. Strength of this Project :
This project is done to deposit ZnO thin films at different thickness by the RF sputtering technique where all the other parameters of the sputtering process were kept constant. Most of the journals before discussed on the fabrication of ZnO thin films by varying the sputtering parameters. In this experiment, we can see the effects of the thickness and the type of substrate used to the thin film growth. There are also limited studies on the application of the thin film coated on substrate as the TIM and heat sink respectively to improve the heat transfer in LED package.3. Problem statement and Objective
Generally, this aim of this project is to fabricate high quality of ZnO thin film on different substrates and thicknesses at constant sputtering parameters and to investigate the application of the thin film in thermal management. The overall projects objectives are as follow:
a) To fabricate a uniform deposited ZnO thin films on Al, Cu, Si and…

Development Status mill in Europe

Plastic disc mill is an important plastic machinery products in Europe, in order to achieve efficient production, mechanical design is very stress full automation. In addition, plastic machinery manufacturers often and auxiliary equipment manufacturers to develop a variety of innovative tools, high-precision robots, peripheral devices and logistics components to further consolidate Europe’s important position in the international market share of plastics processing machinery.
Vertical Roller Mill
Price is often not European customers buy rubber processing machinery major consideration, but other variable costs, such as raw materials and energy costs, the real concerns of customers, because these variable costs are far greater than the cost of investment in machinery . Meanwhile, the European machinery manufacturers to invest heavily in research and development of new technologies, including the new pumping technology and innovation-driven concepts. It is reported that more than 45% of the world’s patents are owned by Europeans.
Vertical Roller Mill
Plastics machinery production equipment in Europe has been in the industry with high-quality and high-precision and won a good reputation. According to the European Association said rubber processing machinery, high yield, less defective products, timely delivery, long product life and short lead times are the main advantages of the European plastics machinery manufacturers. These advantages not only to adapt to the needs of customers to a greater extent, and can effectively reduce production costs.
Vertical Roller Mill
According to the data, as of the end of 2008, the annual number of export products worldwide presses, about half from Europe. In Europe presses export market, the US market share was 12.2 percent, still the most important export market, followed by China (8.9 percent), followed by Russia (6.1%), France (4.8%), Turkey (4.1%), Poland (3.9%), Italy (3.7%), Spain (3.2%), the UK (3.0%) and Switzerland…


1:Picking up where The Awakening left off, Elena confronts Damon about Stefan’s disappearance. But when Elena stands firm on her rejection of Damon’s romantic advances, Damon refuses to help find Stefan. Elena must turn to her best friends, Bonnie McCullough and Meredith Sulez. Bonnie, who is believed to have psychic powers, uses magic to track down Stefan. This was similar to what hap[ened in the tv show. however, in the tv show Damon doesn’t try to ‘win’ Elena’s love so early on and instead decides to terrorize Mystic Falls. I think the theme in these chapter was that you should never give in to temptation and always go on no matter the hard trials you face.2:Because of the belief that he perpetrated the horrific ‘animal’ attacks, Stefan still faces hostility in the town. And as the town’s monumental anniversary,’Founder’s Day’ approaches, Elena reaches her breaking point. I think it is pretty unfair of the town as a whole to place all the blame on Stefan even thogh they do not have any concrete evidence that he actually did anything. I think another reason they decided to place the blame on the ‘mysterious Stefan’ was because they needed a scapegoat, and who better than the mysteriouse new guy? This highlights the theme which i believe to be that humans fear what they do not understand.3:Elena’s adversary, Caroline Forbes, has stolen Elena’s diary. Elena confesses all her secrets to her diary, and its contents can be read as evidence that Stefan is a violent criminal. Worried about Stefan’s mental and physical well-being, Elena enlists the help of her friends to retrieve the diary. Elena discovers Damon lurking in the shadows of the Forbes house. Damon offers to help Elena’s cause – if Elena gives him blood in return, however, she refuses. I thought that it was odd how Elena refused to give Damon her blood even though in extension it would be helping Stefan. Usually, Elena would do anything for Stefan, however, when she refused i was a little…

TMA 01 Describe some of the ways in which order is made and repaired on a street which you know.

In light of the module materials I have studied, I will outline my examples of making and repairing order over three points; firstly by showing how winners and losers are bought about by the re-shaping of society within London Road and the similarities with City Road. Secondly, how venues and shops are aimed at diverse groups of people and how that creates social connections and finally how conflict over relationships with material objects can affect those who live there.
Similar to City Road, the small businesses and residents on London Road have recently seen the opening of food chain stores, plus a number of large publishing and design companies who provide a useful outlet for the skills produced by the two major universities within the City. Many new jobs have been created in the road and a diverse group of people have moved into the residential dwellings, which in turn is a good way of re-shaping society. (Blakely et al., Making Social Lives 2009, Scene 3). An example in which one small business on London Road has gained from this is with the independent car restorer, Classic Car Management. The owner hasn’t lost out as he has long standing family and personal connections in the local area and has built up a reputation over the years, which is passed on to newcomers to help his business thrive and compete. I see a similarity here with Denis Robinson of B&A Motors in City Road, (Material Lives, 2009) recycling parts from donor cars, also targeting a niche market, which highlights the important role of social connections in remaking and repairing our material lives. (Learning Companion 1 P.31).My second point shows that some of the shops on London Road are similar to those on City Road by serving certain culture and age groups and are an example of making and developing social relationships via the workplace. London Road Stores has been part of London Road for decades, but has in recent years also become the main supplier of West Indian groceries and…

Steam boiler superheated steam and saturated steam

Steam boiler superheated steam and saturated steam
With the rapid development of industrial production,the steam become a product needed by many industries,it is produced by heating water,which is an excellent heat carrier,for the steam is able to carry the 5-6 times heat of water,so in recent years,the steam boiler becomes an important heat energy supply equipment.
However,the temperature and pressure of steam used in different occasions are different,which requires that the steam boiler produce the different steam forms for different purposes,the steam are mainly saturated steam and superheated steam that will be introduced in the following sections.
Saturated steam
The saturated steam can be obtained by directly heating the water,the temperature,pressure and density of steam boiler is one-to-one,the steam temperature under one bar pressure is 100 ?.If you need the higher temperature steam,just improve the steam pressure.
Superheated steam
The superheated steam can be produced by reheating the saturated steam,when there is water,the superheated steam can not be generated,because the water will absorb more heat and produce more steam.Superheated steam must be produced through the secondary heating of saturated steam, the temperature and pressure of superheated steam is not corresponding.
The steam boilers we usually used generally only produce saturated steam,if the enterprise needs to use superheated steam,the steam boiler superheater need to be installed,reheat the steam the steam boiler produced,thus the superheated steam can be produced.
In order to meet the different needs of steam boiler users,ZG has produced many energy conservation and environmental protection oil and gas fired steam boiler,new biomass fired steam boiler,the traditional coal fired steam boiler,etc.High quality and reasonable price of these boilers win the customer the consistent high praise and trust,pleasure feel free to contact us for more details!…