Materialistic concepts of soul are no more rational than religious concepts. Discuss

Materialistic concepts of soul are no more rational than religious concepts. Discuss (500 words)Materialism is a form of philosophical monism which holds that matter is the fundamental substance in nature, and that all phenomena, including mental phenomena, consciousness and the soul are the result of material interactions. Monists believe that the soul is not separate from the body and is a result of how the physical body works, m aterialism is closely related to physicalism; the view that all that exists is ultimately physical.
Religious beliefs of the soul e.g. those views held by Buddhists, Christians and Hindus is that the soul is separate from the body, this concept is a form of philosophical dualism, Dualism (from the Latin word duo meaning “two”) The term ‘dualism’ indicates a system which contains two essential parts. In religious terms the physical body is separate from the intangible soul which dwells within us. The soul departs from the body when we die. One of the main issues with the concept of dualism is where the soul actually is.
Gilbert Ryle has a materialistic view. He believes that the concept of having a soul is merely a categorical mistake; he references the soul being a “ghost in the machine” and the body being the machine. For a religious believer, monism diminishes the purpose of human existence; if we do not have a soul then we are purely machines. Why would God create humans as automatons, our soul being governed by the physical world and simply buy our genetics, surely God created us as individuals, and has not left each and every one of us to chance? If the soul is one with the body then how can we get to heaven as when our bodies die, our soul dies too? If the concept of a soul is a categorical mistake according to Ryle, then why are there thousands, if not millions of people believe in the concept of having a soul? Not having a soul undermines the fundamental purpose of morality, how can we freely choose to be moral…

CENG 1500 syllabus

A First Course on Materials Science and Applications
Common Core for non-engineering students
Fall, 2014
Instructor: Professor Mi Yongli
Part one: Module Topics
Module One: Smart Surfaces.
Module Two: Pattern Mystery of growing shell fish.
Module Three: Membrane Science and Technology
Module Four: Time Dependent Properties of Materials
Module Five: Amazing Coffee Stain Problem
Module Six: Supercritical Fluids
Module Seven: DNA self-assembly and DNA nanotechnology
Rule of Module Selection:
Module report is due after it is taught and the due date will be announced. The late submission is not accepted.
7 module reports……………………………………………………………………..70%
Final Examination 30%Part Two: Along the module discussion the following fundamental concepts and related materials will be covered. Since this course is designed for non-engineering students only, discussions are mainly qualitative and descriptive. Heavy mathematics is omitted here.
1.1 Atomic Structure
1.1.2 Atomic Bonds
1.1.3 Molecules
1.2 The Structure of Crystalline Solids
1.2.1 Fundamental Concepts
1.2.2 Unit Cells
1.2.3 Metallic Crystal Structures
1.3 Crystallographic Directions and Planes
1.4 Crystalline and Non-crystalline Materials

II. Mechanical Properties of Metals 2.1 Stress-Strain Behaviour of Solid Materials
2.2 Elastic Properties and Tensile Properties
2.3 Elastic Deformation
2.4 Plastic Deformation
2.4.1 Yielding
2.4.2 Tensile Strength
2.4.3 Ductility, Resilience, and Toughness
2.5 True Stress and Strain
2.5.1 Elastic Recovery
2.5.2 Compressive, Shear, and Torsional Deformation
2.6 Hardness
III. Phase Diagrams
3.1 Basic Concepts
3.2 Equilibrium Phase diagrams
3.2.1 Binary miscible Systems
3.2.2 Binary Eutectic Systems
3.2.3 Equilibrium Diagrams Having Intermediate Phases
3.2.4 Congruent Phase

RAM Have Disadvantages

RAM is only for short-term use, which means that nothing in RAM is stored when the computer is turned off. When the computer is on. as new programs are launched and others closed, the information in RAM changes to provide access only to the data a user is most likely to need.Everything else is stored in the hard drive. Again, a comparison to your own memory is apt. Every person knows many things, from the mundane to the specific. Imagine a nuclear scientist who plays the piano as a hobby. He knows physics and how to play the piano, but he doesn’t keep all of this knowledge at the front of his mind. Smart as he may be, he doesn’t discuss physics with his colleagues while improvising a solo, and it takes him a second to go from one to the other.Hard drives have a similar disadvantage – or at least, mechanical hard drives do. They take time to spin up and find date, resulting in a small but noticeable pause. One solution is the solid state hard drive, which operates more like RAM but has much larger storage capacity. However, SSDs are expensive, putting them out of reach for many buyers.
RAM is only for short-term use, which means that nothing in RAM is stored when the computer is turned off. When the computer is on. as new programs are launched and others closed, the information in RAM changes to provide access only to the data a user is most likely to need.Everything else is stored in the hard drive. Again, a comparison to your own memory is apt. Every person knows many things, from the mundane to the specific. Imagine a nuclear scientist who plays the piano as a hobby. He knows physics and how to play the piano, but he doesn’t keep all of this knowledge at the front of his mind. Smart as he may be, he doesn’t discuss physics with his colleagues while improvising a solo, and it takes him a second to go from one to the other.Hard drives have a similar disadvantage – or at least, mechanical hard drives do. They take time to spin up and find date,…


Is being famous always good?”
“It’s all make believe, isn’t it?”
-Marilyn Monroe-
In reality, being famous may not always be positive. There are the downsides to it as well. For instance, famous people and celebrities have to constantly endure the pressure of upholding a perfect image. Just one mistake could mean a downfall to their career. Take Michael Phelps for example. The young man who set Olympics swimming records with eight gold medals in Beijing may feel his reputation a little tarnished after some embarrassing photos showed up in a British tabloid. Always under the watchful eyes and lenses of reporters and paparazzi, being famous is definitely not a breeze.
To add on, with press intrusion, one’s privacy is taken away forever. The desire to lead a normal life is gone as well. From every kilo you add on or put off to the guy you were hanging out with at a premier last night gets noted by the press. Paparazzi snaps pictures of celebrities who do not have model like bodies or “size zero” figures and start speculating about it. Many a times, journalists write lengthy columns of gossip and rumours without knowing the real truth. Even the way one dresses gets judged harshly. Thus the amount of stress poured over celebrities is tremendous and definitely extremely hard to control. This usually results in many turning towards drugs and alcohol to take away the stress they are unable to overcome. Some may even experience fatigue as they have trouble balancing their work and life.
The dream of being famous has always been one of the most enduring dreams in the world. Reality shows such as “American Idol” are well-liked simply because they have the power to elevate the normal to fame. Talented adults, young and old, audition for the show by attending a public try-out at which they receive blunt and publicized criticism. However, when one receives acclaim on the show, he or she goes on to become the number one artists on the Billboard chart with…


1. When you are notified that a user’s workstation or system is acting strangely and log files indicate system compromise, what is the first thing you should do to the workstation or system and whyInform the IT help desk to have the user cease all activity on the workstation and to wait for you to arrive at the physical desktop location. The workstation must first be physically disconnected from the network leaving it physically isolated but now powered off. It should be left in its steady-state.
This isolates the contaminated workstation from the organization’s network and Internet, as well as preventing the contamination from spreading. Logs, memory forensics, footprints, and other malicious activity must be kept in its steady-state untouched. Forensic images of the logs should be performed along with a memory forensics scan. Anti-virus and anti-malicious software removal tools can be enabled from a CD-drive
2. When an anti-virus application identifies a virus and quarantines this file, does this mean the computer is eradicated of the virus and any malicious softwareNo, many times virus and trojans can leave residuals or wreak havoc on other processes. It is important to note that the quarantined file is never off the computer until cleaned out or deleted – it’s like putting the unknown file in a holding tank until you can assess what it is and how to eradicate.
3. Where would you check for processes and services enabled in the background of your Student VM workstationWindows Task Manager > Applications > Processes > Services will display all the enable applications and processes on your workstation. Hidden trojans and unwanted executables like keyboard buffers, scripts can be identified here.
4. Where would log files typically be kept on most Linux systems/var/log
5. What are the SANS Institute’s 6 step incident handling processa. Preparation
b. Identification
c. Containment


ourself in war. Or the strength it takes to decide you will not fight. Is courage being yourself when you’re different from everyone else. Is it doing something that even your own father thinks you can’t do. Is courage synonymous with honor. Is it speaking up, even if doing so puts you in danger. Risking death for the person most precious to you. Or risking death for strangers. Is courage facing your fears, no matter how big or small they might be….   [tags: Definition Courage Corageous Essays] 
:: 2 Works Cited :: 1 Sources Cited2841 words
(8.1 pages)$39.95[preview]The Theme of Courage in Red Badge of Courage -The Theme of Courage in Red Badge of Courage The Red Badge of Courage is a fictional psychological portrait of a young soldier named Henry Fleming, tracing the thread of his emotions and reactions to events that transpire during an unnamed battle of the Civil War (spark notes). Henry is an average farmer from New York. Henry wants to go to war and become a hero like the one he read about in his school. The story starts off with everyone sitting in regiment camp by the river with rumors flowing around….   [tags: Red Badge Courage Essays]1137 words
(3.2 pages)FREE Essays[view]An Act of Courage -An Act of Courage Faced with the task of writing a paper on a specific act of courage my initial reaction was that of total uncertainty. Later that evening, as I lay in my bed watching television I pondered what topic to do for the paper. Then the sportscaster on the news began an interview with Jim Abbott a well-known major league pitcher. I thought to myself, this is perfect. Jim Abbott is a man who shows courage when the odds are against him. He is fulfilling his lifelong dream of playing professional baseball despite the fact that he was born without a right hand….   [tags: Courage Bravery Personal Narratives Essays] 
:: 6 Works Cited3420 words
(9.8 pages)$29.95[preview]The Obvious is Absent in Mother Courage – The Obvious is Absent in Mother Courage  …

Organizational development in educational context

Organization Development in Educational Context
EDUC 8117: Organization Development in EducationRichard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership
Program: Ph.D. in Education
Specialization: General
Walden University
February 8, 2015Context
Fine Arts National Association (FANA) is a service organization offering the supply of instruction in arts education to academic professionals both virtually and in live time. It is urban situated in the United States allowing for connections with outreach to schools of public and private situations. Teachers can participate in individualized professional development or their school can partake in services for the betterment of the district outcome and improvement of student achievement. As part of this course project, a proposal of organizational development would create a series for promotion to public school institutions for the development of arts integration into a general education classroom. This series of professional development opportunities would supply each classroom and instructor the supplies and resources to implement the organizational development theory into practice in the classroom with students.
FANA has been in existence for 25 years primarily supplying extra fine art supplements to educators. This series would specifically address integration of the fine arts; visual art, media art, music, theatre, dance, etc., as it would become an experiential activity to accentuate the lesson being taught within varied contents such as math, ELA, social studies, science, etc. There is a board of directors at FANA with concentrations on individualized departments of the organization.
In this project the organizational development practitioner will work with a panel of professionals to develop a series of classes to instructors. These classes will be informative with examples and written explanations of each instructional process. Suggestions will be supplied for…

NT1210 Midterm Study GUide

NT1210 Midterm Study Guide
1. Approximately how many bytes are in a kilobyte (KB)a. 1 hundred (100)
b. 1 thousand (1000)
c. 1 million (1000000)
d. 1 billion (1000000000)2. In the Graphic below, where the capacitors indicate individual bits in RAM, how will the computer interpret the indicated capacitor
a. As a 1 (one)
b. As a 0 (zero)
c. Not readable
d. Does not apply3. Convert this binary number to decimal: 00101011
a. 43
b. 44
c. 48
d. 554. On the drive graphic, what part of the drive is being pointed toa. Sector
b. File
c. Cluster
d. Track5. A single hexadecimal is equivalent to _____ binary digitsa. 2
b. 4
c. 8
d. 166. How are voice communications converted to digital signalsa. They are broken into very small samples and then binary values are assigned to them
b. They are converted into an analog frequency from a digital signal then transmitted
c. They are sent directly as a digital signal; there is no conversion needed
d. They are converted to a cellular format. Assigned a binary value, and then transmitted7. What does compression do to video fiea. It takes a standard video and stores it in an encrypted format
b. It takes an encrypted video file and formats it to a standard file
c. It takes a compressed video file and enlarges it to standard size
d. It takes a standard video and stores it as a smaller video file8. In this sample Web address, which part identifies the protocol being used
b. Page2
c. http
d. ://9. What does the Internet core comprisea. One large controlling network and several small ones
b. One very large controlling network
c. A set protocols, but no actual pieces of hardware
d. Many separate networks, some small and some large10. Which of the following is designed to specifically manage computer peripheral devicesa. Operating system
b. Device drivers
c. Modem software
d. Parallel cabling…


I chose to talk about vaccinations even though I know that will more than likely be the most talked about in the forum discussion. Up until a few years ago, I never even knew that there was a choice. I was vaccinated and my son is also vaccinated. A close friend of mine chooses not to vaccinate her children and this was the first time I had ever known that kids don’t have to be. There are several reasons that they don’t but the main reason is the chemicals and toxins that are in the vaccinations that may or may not cause autism and other impairments. She is in groups on Facebook where people have shared personal stories where this has actually happened. Some of the chemicals in question are formaldehyde and mercury. My son is nearly 6 and I trusted my doctor when he was young so I don’t even question that any further vaccinations will harm him. My friend has a new baby that is 6 weeks old and they have not chosen if they will delay vaccinations or not do any at all. Their first child only had the first years’ worth and they plan to homeschool so there won’t be a questioned if they decide to not vaccinate. I didn’t know that children don’t have to be vaccinated to go to school, there is a waiver that can be signed in some states and Louisiana is one of them. They don’t feel the need to defend their decisions like some people do, they keep it private but if asked, they are able to completely explain their reasoning. I personally would probably still trust my doctor and vaccinate if I were to have another one.


2013SEP ENC-101-GS
Thomas Edison State CollegeWritten Assignment # 1
Submitted on: 8 September 2013Mentor: Lorraine GassAssignment: Rhetorical Heritage, Modern ApplicationsRhetorical Heritage, Modern ApplicationsTo better understand why a study of rhetoric and rhetorical canon is useful to me, it is necessary to understand my background. The use of written and oral communication is an integral part in my profession, the use of words and the way they come together to influence and persuade a target audience can make the difference to the mission’s success. I’m in constant communication with peers, supervisor and international counterparts; this constant interaction requires proper verbal and written skills. The majority of the time emails are the prefer way of passing information typically focused on a process or reports.
As a noncommissioned officer (NCO), I want to appear knowledgeable, approachable and confident; therefore rhetoric and rhetorical canon are extremely valuable studies that help me achieve the intended audience more efficiently, utilizing the various delivery methods email, text, phone calls or face to face communication. The more I understand and use these strategies the easier it is to express my ideas and become a better writer and communicator. Using the rhetorical canons; invention, arrangement, style, memory and delivery will help me in my day- to- day interactions, bringing a more professional appeal to my writings and will help achieve my goals in a more efficient matter.
The way the Army taught me to write is to be quick and to the point, but after reading the first chapter of “A Writers Repertoire” I came to the realization that they are better ways to lay out my emails, and reports and make them more appealing to my target audience. By applying rhetoric and…